Senior Ambassador Program

The program is designed as a way to both give back to seniors in the community and market McKinley Rayne Photography. These photo sessions are a way to “wow” your friends and get them thinking about their own senior sessions. If you love my work, love having your photo taken, and love social media/spreading the word- then this might be the program for you!


How are Ambassadors chosen?

Ambassadors are chosen based on social media presence, applications, and past MRP's senior's inputs. You must be loyal to McKinley Rayne Photography. We're helping each other out - so once selected you're required to agree not to promote another studio and/or post images from another studio until after your contract date ends.

How do I apply?

Attached below is a form that you may fill out. If chosen, you will need to pay a $50 application fee to lock in your commitment. Apply by February 1, 2022!

What do I get out of it?

  • FREE 1-hour portrait session before June ($300+ value)

    • I will work with you on location and outfits

    • You get printing rights of the photos taken

    • 60-200 photos

  • Referral Credits

    • If a 2022 senior books their session with me and they say that you referred me, then you will get 1 referral credit. Once you get 5 credits, you will get ANOTHER FREE 1-hour portrait session.

  • Your friends will get $50 off their session when referred to me!

  • MRP Shirt


What is expected of an Ambassador?

  • Spread McKinley Rayne Photography via Word of Mouth to your friends and family- you are a representative of MRP!

  • Participate in a styled shoot with the other ambassadors on a specified date (I will work with everyone to pick a date and time that works the best).

  • I will give you business cards with your name, my name, and my photography information to hand out to people.

  • Like and follow my photography page on Instagram and Facebook, as well as get others to like/follow my pages.


  • 1-2 students from each school will be picked

  • MRP does not discriminate- (weight, height, skin color, hair color, disabilities, and more are NOT deciding factors for acceptance into the program). 

  • Applicants must fill out the form to be eligible

  • Parents and students must sign a full Model Release Form once the student is chosen

  • If no referrals are carried out by the end of the contract, then you will owe $300, but don’t worry, if you are selected, it's because I have no doubt that your gorgeous self will inspire others!

  • Contract ends December 31st, 2022