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empowering creatives to grow together.

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Whether you are brand new to photography or you have been doing this for a while, I would love to help you! I believe in "community over competition," because I can't do it all alone... nor would I want to! I thoroughly enjoy seeing other creatives grow and achieve their goals, and I am heavily invested in helping in any way that I can. When I started, I learned so much from other creatives who were willing to help me get a running start, and I want to be that person for someone else. Even after 9+ years of being a photographer, I continue to educate myself and learn from others! 

  • Mentorships - $200/1 hour session

    • I offer ​one-on-one mentorships where we cover topics you are interested in. This is my most intensive education opportunity.

  • Shadowing 

    • Come along to a shoot with me- free of charge! You can see how I set up a shoot, pose, and interact with real-life clients. ​

  • Second Shooting

    • Depending on your experience and the scale of the wedding, I pay my second shooters between $300-$600. Reach out if you would like to be added to my list of second shooters​

  • Workshops

    • Stay tuned for upcoming retreats and workshops! Tickets are first come, first serve.​

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western portrait workshop

Join us July 23-25th in Paradise Valley, MT for a 3-day workshop hosted by myself and Erin Keenan of Erin Ann Photography. 

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