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empowering creatives to grow together.

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Whether you are brand new to photography or you have been doing this for a while, I would love to help you! I believe in "community over competition," because I can't do it all alone... nor would I want to! I thoroughly enjoy seeing other creatives grow and achieve their goals, and I am heavily invested in helping in any way that I can. When I started, I learned so much from other creatives who were willing to help me get a running start, and I want to be that person for someone else. Even after 9+ years of being a photographer, I continue to educate myself and learn from others! 

  • Mentorships - $200/1 hour session

    • I offer ​one-on-one mentorships where we cover topics you are interested in. This is my most intensive education opportunity.

  • Shadowing 

    • Come along to a shoot with me- free of charge! You can see how I set up a shoot, pose, and interact with real-life clients. ​

  • Second Shooting

    • Depending on your experience and the scale of the wedding, I pay my second shooters between $300-$600. Reach out if you would like to be added to my list of second shooters​

  • Workshops

    • Stay tuned for upcoming retreats and workshops! Tickets are first come, first serve.​

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western portrait workshop

Erin Ann Photography and I co-hosted a sold-out Western Portrait Workshop on July 23-25th in Paradise Valley, Montana. We hosted 8 photographers from 3 different states. During the workshop, attendees got to photograph 4 style shoots featuring multiple vendors and models. Erin and I also hosted workshopping seminars to dive deeper into all things photography. We also welcomed guest speaker, Alyssa Scholz with Sweet Briar Creative, to share the importance of videography in the photography industry, how to use it to the advantage of one's business, and how to be confident in owning a business. Overall, our first workshop was a success and we look forward to hosting other educational events in the future. Follow me on social media for event announcements!

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Market (4).png



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